The Ripple Effect starring Melissa Hull. S2E02-Amanda Yap

Melissa speaks with Amanda Yap about female empowerment. Amanda is on a mission to share with women the mindset to push their limits and become what they truly aspire to be.

Messages From Above and Beyond: Ep 1

A brother ensures his sister that he’s at peace after his untimely suicide, a grandfather surprises his granddaughter with an accurate wild, wild, west reference and a message of peace from a grandmother to her granddaughter.

Messages From Above and Beyond: Ep 10

A father praises his son for stepping up to care for his mother, a cherished grandmother shares emotional memories with her granddaughter and a mourning daughter gets messages of assurance from her recently departed father.

Messages From Above and Beyond: Ep 9

Souls of family members send messages to remind their loved one to let down the barriers and learn to trust, an emotional connection is revealed as a father sends message of appreciation to his daughter for her loyalty.

Messages From Above and Beyond: Ep 8

A man’s grandfather, that he’s never met, congratulates him for a life well lived, a father comes forth with a message of praise for his daughter’s success in moving mountains in her life and Mom and dad’s souls recognize their daughter’s amazing parenting abilities.

Messages From Above and Beyond: Ep 7

A grandmother shows up to tell her granddaughter it’s now time for her to shine, spirit shock a guest with a movie reference that hits home and a women’s secret love of aesthetics is revealed.

Messages From Above and Beyond: Ep 6

A mother apologizes to her daughter for sending her away, a theme song by Donna Summer triggers happy memories and patterns seen by a young women are shown to be her loved ones contacting her from beyond.

Messages From Above and Beyond: Ep 5

A grandfather praises his granddaughter for her accomplishments in life, a father’s message provokes emotion from his daughter with a reminder of who she can be and a messages comes to ensure that a mother knows that her stillborn son’s soul is now peaceful.

Messages From Above and Beyond: Ep 4

A father’s message encourages his daughter to step bravely into leadership, a soul who met a tragic demise in the physical world brings forth a message to his niece and a mom’s message for her daughter sparks powerful memories.

Messages From Above and Beyond: Ep 3

A mother comes through to beg forgiveness of her young son, a gentle grandmother shows up to lend emotional support to her thrill seeking granddaughter and an community of relatives bring love and messages to their loved one.