Cindy Uncorked! s2 e08: Managing Politics in the Workplace

Andrea Payne is teaching us about the political games that happen in the workplace. Cindy and Andrea talk about the biggest challenges facing women in the workplace. Andrea offers her thoughts on why women struggle with feeling powerful and knowing when to speak up.

#LA! You are not shy about when you #GetUncorked about whether it is easier for men or women to climb the corporate ladder and why!

Cindy Uncorked! s2 e06: The Dangers Of Female Power & Your Lover Relationship

Katy Bray and Zeb Severson are here to talk about how to embrace the feminine energy/power in your life so that you include people and pull them into your circle. Katy and Zeb share how pushing your partner to an extreme in this energy can cause an imbalance in your relationship and affect your partner in the future. Cindy wants to know how we can truly embrace that feminine energy and avoid the pitfalls.

Cindy Uncorked! s2 e05: Open Relationships, Swinging & Polyamory

Erin Findley arrives to discuss open relationship, swinging and polyamory. She de-mystifies the terms and shows us what’s great and where the pitfalls are when it comes to these non-traditional unions. Erin opens up about the most common misconceptions and what makes managing these relationships so complicated.

#Laguna Beach! You are not shy about when you #GetUncorked about why you think people are in non-monogamous, non-traditional relationships!

Cindy Uncorked! s2 e04: Hidden Epidemic-Why You Make Bad Decisions

Bruce Fredenberg #GetsUncorked on and discusses the real motivations behind our bad decisions. Join us as Bruce discusses the three emotional states that foster these poor decisions and the root of Anxiety today. He and Cindy also cover the damage that happens to your brain and the common symptoms of worry in your life. Cindy follows up by asking about to how to repair that same damage and tips for how to stay calm and avoid bad decisions.
#LagunaBeach! You are not shy about when you #GetUncorked about how you cope with anxiety!

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