Hanna Guenzl

Brand Strategist/Mentor/Image Stylist/Speaker

In the rapidly evolving world of New Media, where a focused business can attract millions of followers, we have the ability to create our own powerful media brand.  But laying the foundations for a strong brand is critical to getting this right.  Get it right, and create a viral explosion, get it wrong and it can be brand suicide in today’s world.  Hana Guenzl is a bespoke branding specialist, founder of the 4B Branding Model: Be – Become – Belong – BondÔ.  This creative process is based on neuroscience and takes a holistic approach to prepare leaders for the new ‘Imagination Age’.

Hana’s extensive corporate career and running her own advertising business gave Hana the expertise to enter into the worlds of her professional clients.  The uniqueness of her creative approach is to immerse in the client’s business culture adopting the role of strategic advocate.

Hana’s passion is to build a link between her clients as individuals and their business SUCCESS.  As Hana says:“The extraordinary code within you is unlocked, when you become who you truly are.”  

You Are the Hero in Your own Movie.  What role might you aspire to play?


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