Their grandfather has certainly made it one to remember.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner brought their three children to the White House to celebrate the first day of Hanukkah, and the little ones got to light the candle on the menorah to kick off the holiday.

Donald Trump has declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and it’s causing some massive unrest in the Middle East. A lot of people think the move was spearheaded by Kushner, but Trump has gone all-in on his campaign promise.

“Tonight, at the @WhiteHouse we gather to celebrate the story that is told in #Jewish homes across the country – and the #world. A story that began more than 2,000 #years ago, when a tyrant made practicing the Jewish faith punishable by death. He desecrated the Jewish #temple, including the Holy of Holies. But a small band of Jewish patriots rose up, defeated a mighty army, and soon reclaimed their freedom….” the POTUS wrote on Instagram.

This is wonderful and all, but we haven’t been distracted from the Russia probe!