See 7 Celebrities Transform from Blonde to Brunette

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While it might seem like everyone in Hollywood undergoes a drastic hair color makeover daily, some celebrities are known for sticking to their signature. And what do Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, and Reese Witherspoon have in common, besides the obvious of being incredible, talented women? Maybe blondes really do have more fun because they seem to really dig the honey-hued or flaxen shades.

But we’re still curious what these ladies, among other blonde adopters, would look like if they went brunette, and since we have no control on whether they wear a wig or decide to go darker for fall, we enlisted the help of a little thing called Photoshop. Keep scrolling to see what some iconic blondes—like Blake, T.Swift, and even Marilyn Monroe, would look like if they went full-on brunette.

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