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Cindy Uncorked! S2E08 – Managing Politics In The Workplace

Andrea Payne is teaching us about the political games that happen in the workplace. Cindy and Andrea talk about the biggest challenges facing women in the workplace. Andrea offers her thoughts on why women struggle with feeling powerful and knowing when to speak up.

Cindy Uncorked! S2E06 – The Danger Of Female Power And Your Love Relationship

Katy Bray and Zeb Severson are here to talk about how to embrace the feminine energy/power in your life so that you include people and pull them into your circle. Katy and Zeb share how pushing your partner to an extreme in this energy can cause an imbalance in your relationship and affect your partner in the future. Cindy wants to know how we can truly embrace that feminine energy and avoid the pitfalls.

Cindy Uncorked! S2E05 – Open Relationships, Swinging & Polyamory – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Erin Findley arrives to discuss open relationship, swinging and polyamory. She de-mystifies the terms and shows us what’s great and where the pitfalls are when it comes to these non-traditional unions. Erin opens up about the most common misconceptions and what makes managing these relationships so complicated.

Cindy Uncorked! S2E04 – Hidden Epidemic: The Real Reason Why You Make Bad Decisions

Bruce Fredenberg #GetsUncorked on and discusses the real motivations behind our bad decisions. Join us as Bruce discusses the three emotional states that foster these poor decisions and the root of Anxiety today. He and Cindy also cover the damage that happens to your brain and the common symptoms of worry in your life. Cindy follows up by asking about to how to repair that same damage and tips for how to stay calm and avoid bad decisions.

Cindy Uncorked! Show Trailer

Cindy Uncorked! starring Cindy Ashton, is a daring, hilarious and intelligent talk show that tackles women’s issues from a fresh perspective.

Cindy Uncorked! S2E02 – Why Clean Eating Is The Worst Resolution You Can Make

Dr. Kerri Fullerton shares with us how the “clean” eating phenomenon may actually be doing us more harm then good. Watch as Kerri on March 14 as she shows us how damaging it can be to constantly make yourself wrong when it comes to your food choices.

Cindy Uncorked! S2E01 – The Ugly Side Of The Self-Help World

Dana Pharant is going to #GetUncorked with us as she discusses the ugly side of the self-help world!

Dana will talk frankly about the pitfalls and bad messages they absorb, especially around this time of year. She points out that the self-help world preys up our beliefs that we are “unworthy” to sell us on their help.

Cindy Uncorked! S2E07 – Creating A Loving Relationship with You and Money

Ivy Slater stops by to talk to us about how to create and keep a healthy relationship with our finances. Ivy discusses the idea that you can be in a loving relationship with your money and remove the fear and ignorance that surrounds those numbers. Ivy and Cindy also talk about the three simple steps that will get you to that relationship.

Cindy Uncorked! S2E03 – The Truth About Living With Chronic Illness

Cindy’s pal, Jason Reed stops by and talks with us openly and frankly about the myths, half-truths and realities of living with chronic illness.  He also shares with us the struggle to avoid the good intentions of people who don’t understand the challenges.

Cindy Uncorked! S1E07 – Train Your Brain For Success

We’re going to #GetUncorked over our brains today! Jill Hewlett is here to discuss the neuroscience that supports old dogs learning new tricks. Jill has said before that “… a brain is a brain is a brain – no matter the age group” and uses that to demonstrate that intelligence is carved in stone and unchangeable.

Jill shows us how stress and struggling to deal with change can hinder our own growth and learning. She also tells us how to determine our triggers. More, Jill will give us a demonstration of some of her favorite approaches to training.