Once Upon A Superhero

A homeless wanderer, named Solar Flare, proclaims to be a real superhero from the Sun who’s been exiled to live on Earth without his superpowers for 189 days. From the personal discovery of why he was sent here (to save this planet from an apocalyptic solar flare), to the array of bizarre characters that misguide him, we follow the lost ‘superhero’ on what quickly becomes a downward spiral journey into the underbelly of Hollywood…a place he comes to realize is not worth saving.

Cigars & Conversations Episode 2 Featuring Hip Hop Artist Neek Bucks

On this episode of Cigars and Conversations, Neek Bucks. An established, NYC icon for urban hip-hop sits down with the hosts to discuss his latest album “El Barrio” and single release, “Grind”.


Music available on https://play.google.com/music/preview/Bt532nmzqrwrmakvgcxxcfrzdti?play=1&u=0

or https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/neek-bucks/685598900

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Misconception of Donald Jones

The Misconception of Donald Jones is a short mini series based in Harlem. The series depicts the misconception in America that young black men can’t be entrepreneurs or business minded because of the way they look, dress, and the neighborhoods and communities they may live in or come from. As Donald Jones face challenges and go through different obstacles, will he remain true to himself to help the people around him and rise above it all or will he fall victim and prove the misconception to be true?