Art of Unity

The Art of Unity – 4 Chicken Meals

Bill shares the healthiest way to cook chicken and get 4 meals from it, the benefits of saturated fats from organic chicken, and spices that pair well with chicken.

The Art of Unity – Chi Gong & Cortisol

The Art of Unity with Bill Farr is devoted to uniting body, mind, and spirit, offering information on nutrition, meditation, and self-discovery.
Life often has a bigger and more evolved plan than many people are executing. Happiness, health, security, and abundance should be a part of every life plan and is possible when in good emotional, physical, and spiritual health allowing for the release of struggle and suffering.

The Art of Unity – Roasted Cabbage

Bill shares how to make roasted cabbage, a vegetable high in fiber and antioxidants. Its medicinal benefits include its ability to rid the body of toxins, prevent cancer, and treat acne.

The Art of Unity – Roasted Cauliflower

Bill shares how to cook cauliflower that tastes good and is delicious. Giving up grains, wheat, pasta, processed foods and going light on meats and fish does need to leave you feeling deprived.

The Art of Unity – Breakfast

Bill shares what he eats for a healthy breakfast: kefir, essential oils, supplements, bone broth and tea, eggs, salad, and more. Learn why he advises against juicing.

The Art of Unity – Bone Broth Soup

Bill shares different ways to make bone broth, and all are good. Learn the top 10 health benefits of bone broth and how to extract the nutrients from the bone to combine with vegetables and herbs tailored to your own the taste.

The Art of Unity – Herbal Tea

Bill identifies 15 powerful herbal teas and their uses. He also reviews popular store brand teas, listing which ones include questionable ingredients such as toxic pesticides, GMOs, artificial flavoring, and harmful packaging.

The Art of Unity – Water Kefir

Bill shares how to make water kefir, a super-powered yogurt that masquerades as a healthy carbonated soda. Try this easy to make, dairy-free probiotic drink to help you rebuild your gut bacteria.

The Art of Unity – Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut

Bill shares how to make lacto-fermented sauerkraut. Unlike much of the kraut that is boiled in water or found at food trucks, this kind introduces good bacteria into your body, helping to improve immunity, digestion and brain function.

The Art of Unity – Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Vitamin and mineral rich brussel sprouts are a healthy food choice. They are great for their detox, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as cardiovascular, digestive, and bone health.