Cindy Uncorked! S1E06 – What Is Hidden In Your Food?

Laurie Brautigam joins us today to talk about the ingredients in our food that are not always in plain sight on the labels.  Laurie talks to us about allergens or common ingredients that people are known to be sensitive too and the impact mislabeling or deliberately misleading information can have for everyone but especially chronic disease sufferers.

Laurie also discussed the possible links these hidden items can have with mental, emotional and physical health.  Specifically, Laurie shows us how to plays and prey’s on the mental state of people battling with obesity.

Cindy Uncorked! S1E08 – Dealing With Mother’s Guilt

We want to #GetUncorked about doing the right thing which can leader to dealing with parental guilt. Dagmar Schoenrock joins us to discuss how parents, especially the primary caregivers, second guess every decision – trying to decide if they have done the right thing.

Feeling guilty can happen over any decision a parent would make, from diet to religion and more! Dagmar takes the time to show us her “security” scale for second-guessing yourself and gives us her solutions to live with them.
Dagmar also chats with us about whether this is conscious or learned behavior and what it might take for them (or us) to start dealing with it. She also reminds us that kids are catalysts for change.

Cindy Uncorked! S1E05 – I Know I Am Not Eating Right But I Just Can’t Seem To Stop

Today we’re getting #Uncorked with Nina Manolson. We’re talking about the reasons and causes behind our inability maintain a a balanced, healthy relationship with food. It is SO much deeper than the food we eat.  Nina joins us to discuss the theories behind our motivations such as too much information (thanks Google!) and guilt/self-shame.

But there’s hope!  Nina also wants to gives us some tips and methodologies for adjusting and eating better now and into the future!