Four Rest Films

Four Rest Films – ShoJoe Martial Arts

A Shojo Master leads his Apprentice on a quest to save his favorite martial arts video star from a Demon Joelord, but all he has is peanut butter and a bag of oranges. Group C Audience Choice Award in the 48 Hour Film Project at

Four Rest Films – My Friend Chip

To cheer up his heartbroken friend Jim, Chip takes him out for an evening of libations. As the inebriated night continues, things don’t go quite as planned. Best Audience Award, Best Leading Actor, & Best Special FX in the 2012 Portland, Oregon 24 Hour Film Race.

Four Rest Films – In The Dark Of Night

Ambrose isn’t so sure about attending the family Christmas party with his therapist, but those pesky yuletide visions just won’t go away… Created for the 100 Hour Film Race at

Four Rest Films – HiJack

A gritty, absurdist tale of identity and how easily it can be lost. Best Cinematography, Best Set Design & Best Costume Design in the Portland, Oregon 24 Hour Film Race in 2011.

Four Rest Films – Classy

On a special edition of 280 Seconds, hard-hitting journalist Brian Fulcrum travels to the woods of Oregon to find the world’s classiest Sasquatch. Created in Portland, Oregon for the 60 Hour Film Challenge at

Four Rest Films – An Auto Body Experience

Two Detectives return to the scene of a gruesome murder and make new discoveries about what makes the complete auto body experience. Created in the Portland, Oregon for the 24 Hour Film Race at

Four Rest Films – A Bubber Adventure

When Bubber’s parents tell him he’s adopted, Bubber and his Uber driver search the backwoods for his birth family. Created in Portland, Oregon for the 48 Hour Film Project 2015 at

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