The Sage Sanctuary

The Sage Sanctuary – Guest Scoot Herring

Scoot Herring talks about smoking weed, the dangers of dabs, bashes tv series Ghost Adventures, and de-stresses by singing a classic children’s song in a German accent.

The Sage Sanctuary – Guest Riley Lundgren

Riley Lundgren, Uncle Club founder, talks about music festivals, the origin of his name, the difference between football and theater, and how ab workouts are a scheme to enslave the human race.

The Sage Sanctuary – Guest Jay Shingle

Jay Shingle, talks about honoring his grandfather, puts on a puppet show, does a few impressions, and has a guest song performance from his collaborative creative partner, Sebastian.

The Sage Sanctuary – Guest Carter

Carter talks about needing a mic stand, racist road rage, Portland problems, how white guys are the worst, an unplanned dine and ditch in Disney, and how guys overreact to a really hot girl.