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Turn It Around

Turn It Around is an inspirational music video intended to remind the viewer of what truly matters in life…the need to keep believing in the purpose of your existence, no matter what is thrown your way!

Looking for Andrew – Trailer

A group of childhood friends return home after graduating college to discover that one of their own has mysteriously gone missing. Road trip.

Director: Josh Whittaker

Writer: Josh Whittaker

Stars: Cory KaysJustin RoseJames Rohrbaugh

The Ripple Effect – Guest Jason Meyer

In this episode, Melissa speaks with Jason Meyer about being a parallel entrepreneur.

The Ripple Effect – Guest Jennifer Hammond

In this episode, Melissa speaks with D.C. real estate tycoon, Jennifer Hammond about what it takes to be the best at what you do.

Groovebox Studio Season 1

gbs detroit showcases live recordings of north american artists recorded live at groovebox studios. Located in Detroit, all  videos and recordings reflect a one band, one room, one take philosophy. no re tracking, no overdubbing and no extensive vocal processing. All bands plug in and play true to any other live performance.

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