Epic 39 - Omid Zeighami (Debut) vs. Gokhan Cicekliyar (1-0-0-0)

Epic 39 - Omid Zeighami (Debut) vs. Gokhan Cicekliyar (1-0-0-0)

Duration 15m

Middleweight (185 lbs) – Omid Zeighami (Debut) vs. Gokhan Cicekliyar (1-0-0-0) Round One – The fighters touch gloves as Zeighami shoots in with a double leg taking Cicekliyar to catches him in a guillotine choke and half guard. Zeighami pulls his head out but doesn’t move his head. Cicekliyar turns into him only to eat several punches before ending up in Zeighami’s mount. Zeighami postures for the crowd as the round comes to an end. Round Two – They touch gloves again and exchange punches as Zeighami drives Cicekliyar against the cage. Cicekliyar is swinging off then cage forcing his way to the center of the cage as the two begin to slug it out. Zeighami using an outside leg trip, looks for a guillotine and starts the ground and pount on Cicekliyar before the round comes to and end as they are in North-South position. Round Three – Final round and Cicekliyar’s nose look to be broken as he’s breathing heavily through his mouth. They touch gloves and the pace has slowed. Cicekliyar leads with his jab, but Zeighami’s wrestling is far superior than his opponents. Zeighami is fighting from half guard as Cicekliyar is surviving this round. This one ends with Zeighami in Cicekliyar’s guard. Your winner by unanimous decision, Omid Zeighami!

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