Epic 39 - Justin Stevens (Debut) vs. Matthew Shattle (1-2-0-0)

Epic 39 - Justin Stevens (Debut) vs. Matthew Shattle (1-2-0-0)

Duration 15m

HomeSportsMMA, Kick Boxing & BoxingMMA Fight CardsEpic Fighting 39 Full Results Epic Fighting 39 Full ResultsMMA Fight Cards MMA, Kick Boxing & Boxing Sports August 25, 2018 R.C. Samo Save VANAPHASE™ the Vanadium powerhouse! Epic Fighting the premier California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization (CAMO) in San Diego and tonight is not different with 17-fights on tonight’s card, Epic Fighting 39 did not disappoint. For those unfamiliar with CAMO rules, all undercard fights are three, two-minute rounds with the championship rounds being three, three-minute rounds. Most fights require fighters to wear shin guards unless specified. Here are tonight’s results as follow: Middleweight (185 lbs) – Omid Zeighami (Debut) vs. Gokhan Cicekliyar (1-0-0-0) Round One – The fighters touch gloves as Zeighami shoots in with a double leg taking Cicekliyar to catches him in a guillotine choke and half guard. Zeighami pulls his head out but doesn’t move his head. Cicekliyar turns into him only to eat several punches before ending up in Zeighami’s mount. Zeighami postures for the crowd as the round comes to an end. Round Two – They touch gloves again and exchange punches as Zeighami drives Cicekliyar against the cage. Cicekliyar is swinging off then cage forcing his way to the center of the cage as the two begin to slug it out. Zeighami using an outside leg trip, looks for a guillotine and starts the ground and pount on Cicekliyar before the round comes to and end as they are in North-South position. Round Three – Final round and Cicekliyar’s nose look to be broken as he’s breathing heavily through his mouth. They touch gloves and the pace has slowed. Cicekliyar leads with his jab, but Zeighami’s wrestling is far superior than his opponents. Zeighami is fighting from half guard as Cicekliyar is surviving this round. This one ends with Zeighami in Cicekliyar’s guard. Your winner by unanimous decision, Omid Zeighami! Lightweight (155 lbs) – Justin Stevens (Debut) vs. Matthew Shattle (1-2-0-0) Round One – Shattle leads with a single leg kick, but Stevens catches, him, drives to to the cage and eventually takes him down with full control on the canvas as they scramble. Stevens has both hooks in as he’s dropping bombs on Shattle who’s looking to survive against the cage. Stevens takes Shattle’s back and looked for a neck crank as the round came to an end. Round Two – Stevens catches another single leg kick and sweeps Shattle to the canvas who fights his way back up to his feet and takes cage control for the first time this fight. Stevens reverse the position and hip tosses Shattle who turns in, gives up his back and allows Stevens to get his hooks in again. Round Three – Shattle has hesitated this entire fight and doesn’t appear to trust his training. Stevens has slowed down a little bit but still connects with an over hand right, throws a jab which sets up his double leg against the cage. This fight has been all Stevens. This one ends against the cage with Steven in full control. Your winner by unanimous decision, Justin Stevens!

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