Epic 39 - Allan Stott (2-0-0-0) vs. Bryan Bahena (Debut)

Epic 39 - Allan Stott (2-0-0-0) vs. Bryan Bahena (Debut)

Duration 13m

Lightweight (155 lbs) – Allan Stott (2-0-0-0) vs. Bryan Bahena (Debut) Round One – Stott leads with a jab and in answered with a body kick by Bahena. Stott rushes Bahena, quickly dragging him down to the canvas and taking the back as he looks to get his hooks in. Stott takes the mount as Bahena rolls into him and throws some wild ground and pound. This round ends with Stott having Bahena’s back. Round Two – Both fighters throw kicks and punches as Bahena finally wakes up in getting his groove with his striking, but Stott is better with his kicks, driving Bahena back to the cage, taking him down and gets full mount. Bahena continues to scramble as Stott looks for an armbar. They make it to their feet and this one comes to a close with a kick to the body by Stott. Round Three – Final round and the pace is down to a crawl in comparison to the first two rounds. Stott uses a head and arm throw to get Bahena to the ground and takes full mount yet again. The ground and pound is strong with this one as Stott is trying to get his hand in for a choke, but Bahena stands up only to get suplexed and forced against the cage as Stott throws everything he’s got at him before the final bell. Your winner by unanimous decision, Allan Stott!

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