Sassy B Talk Show/Kaffee Klatsch ep.3

Sassy B Talk Show/Kaffee Klatsch ep.3

Duration 34m

Sassy B Talk Show/Kaffee Klatsch It’s not a talk show it is a Kaffee Klatsch! Topics Iuliana's birthday, Alabama, Church, and free speech A group of friends from various diverse cultural backgrounds meets frequently to have a good time and enjoy discussing the world news, gossip, products, and topics most consider taboo. No, no holds barred, no script, just fun-filled conversations that will inspire others to take time out from the craziness of life and get back to old traditional talk. They love the controversy and they love to disagree with each other most of all they share a strong bond of friendship and respect between young and old proving that no matter your age, you can be friends. You are invited to join the group, connect and bring your topics to the table or meet up with the friends in person. We are open for Kaffee Klatsch!

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