Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e11: Eating Happiness and Health, p1

Did you make a New Years resolution to eat right? Never stick to your guns? Katie has a fun way to eat your way through the colors of the rainbow with healthy tips and incredible flavors. So much fun you will stick to it this time!! This week eat RED

Hors D’oeuvres (Stuffed cherry tomatoes olive oil and fresh herb marinated fresh mozzarella basil leaf and colorful matchstick veggies, Goat cheese stuffed strawberry chicken skewers
Tomato cheese cauliflower parmesan crust flatbread pizza, Duck confit with fresh cherry relish, port wine reduction on brioche toast, Big eye tuna poke with avocado, red caviar, and a red beet wonton cup)

Entrees (Stuffed red peppers with rice and Italian turkey with roasted tomato sauce, Presidential club chicken, lacquered in sliced roasted tomatoes, lemon parmesan rind broth reduction with fresh herbs, Red kidney bean minestrone soup, Moroccan lamb and beef Kefta on fragrant pomegranate rice with Moroccan yogurt sauce, Thin sliced roasted pork fresh raspberry vinaigrette with green pimento stuffed Spanish olives, Beef Tenderloin with red wine reduction

Sides (Slivered radish salad flavorful vinaigrette dressing, Green beans with tomato garlic onions, Watermelon strawberry arugula salad with cherry balsamic dressing, Green salad with sundried tomato and goat cheese vinaigrette, Couscous with dried cherries, almonds, dried cranberries, in vinaigrette, Red potatoes skin on mashed with lots of butter and cream

Desserts (Strawberry cupcakes with powder sugar butter frosting, Watermelon skewers, Raspberry tarts, Cranberry Apple Moist cake with red raspberry icing, White chocolate mousse with cherry coulis).

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