Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e13: Eating Happiness and Health, p3

Did you make a New Years resolution to eat right? Never stick to your guns? Katie has a fun way to eat your way through the colors of the rainbow with healthy tips and incredible flavors. So much fun you will stick to it this time!! This week eat YELLOW

Snacks (Yellow tomatoes, Yellow pepper strips, yellow potato chips, Artichoke garlic lemon parmesan dip Yellow apples, yellow pickled turnips
Grilled pineapple chunks, banana chips, plain and spiced fried chickpeas

Soups (Turkey chili with white beans, yellow peppers, yellow tomatoes, Butternut squash and paneer soup with turmeric croutons

Lighter meals and snacks (Roasted garlic in bulb parmesan on the side, Vegan eggless lobster roll, Deviled eggs traditional yellow garnish, Yellow tail snapper sushi roll sashimi pieces

Vegetables/starches (Mexican grilled corn cut off cob, mixed with chipotle sour cream,, cilantro, lime juice, queso fresco, cotija cheese, kafir lime powder, Baked Yellow summer squash and parmesan rounds , Grilled yellow squash and yellow pepper batons , Oven roasted parsnips with olive oil garlic and herbs, Cauliflower mac and cheese baked in ramekins
Sun chokes and potatoes sautéed, Yellow rice, Grilled seasoned yellow onions)

Proteins (Mixed seafood grill, Parmesan crusted pork chops, Chicken de Provence with fresh herbs grilled lemon and lemon sauces)

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