Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e03: All the Tricks to the Treats Bites, p2

Katie rolls out all of her spooky bites and tricks to the treats for an other world Halloween celebration – Part 2.
Main Course (Crispy calamari tentacles on skewers with lemon wedges and marinara, Squid ink pasta creamy garlic seafood tomato sauce, Arancini sausage, peas and cheese with tomato caponata and garlic Parmesan cream eyeballs. Roasted colorful carrots with almond fingernails, Herb roasted Cornish hen “Bats” and cajun dirty black rice with mini shrimp and bay scallops, Purple potatoes and sweet potatoes pumpkin shaped chips, Mini Meatloaf tombstones glazed in ketchup for graveyard with creamy mashed potatoes and crispy sweet potato hay. Chinese Szechuan shivelled long beans, Orange and black jack o lantern cream cheese spread with caviar, Mongolian beef and broccoli stir fried ramen noodles, Radishes carved like eyeballs, Chinese pickled artichoke, Spring roll fingers water chestnut nails sirache blood
Desserts (Larger Balled melon on skewers add eyeballs with blueberries or raisins, Skinless green grapes stuck into a watermelon brain, Cheesecake pops in purple and orange decorated with eyes, webs and spiders, Candy corn frosted cup cakes, Orange colored jack o lantern rice crispy treats, Chocolate chip spider cookies, Bloody red velvet cake with strawberry blood sauce chocolate cookie crumble for dirt, Green monster and witch iced cookies.

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