Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e07: Weekly Family Meals-Bringin’ it to the Table

Great suggestions for easy, delicious, interesting, and healthy meals as only Katie can create. Weekday Family Meal Bites – Putting it on the table
Snacks (Veggie crudités – Gorgonzola homemade buttermilk ranch, Assorted cheese and dried fruit, Olives marinated with fresh herbs, Edamame in shells, Flavored cashews ancho chili lime)
Sweet and salty Peanuts

Sunday (Rolled stuffed Tuscan beef roulade, Fingerling potatoes with tarragon, and Veggie batons)

Monday – Meatless Monday (Lao vegetable fried rice (egg strips optional), teriyaki grilled cauliflower steaks with sesame seeds, cilantro, scallion, carrot threads garnish)

Tuesday – Italian bread crumb crusted pork tenderloin, Mediterranean cous cous, and Homemade fresh creamed corn topped with guajillo cheese cilantro

Wednesday (Grouper piccata , Spaghettini with puttanesca, Braised broccoli with parmesan dust)

Thursday (Buttermilk fried chicken with smoked bacon, Corn chowder sauce, Popped grits, Crispy Brussel sprouts)

Desserts (Strawberry sheet cake with star berry frosting, Snicker doodles and oatmeal raisin cookies, Boston cream pie (vanilla custard and chocolate ganache), Apple crisp, Grilled fruit kabobs).

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