Katie O’s Food Carnival s5 e1: Everything Bacon Bites

Katie O’s Food Carnival breaks the mold of traditional food shows found on The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, or Bravo. Not only does she prepare food and share culinary tips, but Katie offers insightful, inquisitive, provocative, and often hilarious, insights into people and their experiences and relationships with food. Her diverse and entertaining mix of guests also guarantee a show designed to connect with everyone –not just foodies!

In this episode, Everything Bacon Bites, Katie shares the joy of bacon: its sizzle, tingle, intoxicating aroma, and delightful texture. Watch as Katie demonstrates new ways to prepare bacon that extend far beyond its use as a breakfast staple or item in a BLT. Bacon bites can be a key ingredient in fine dining and gourmet cuisine.

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