Katie O’s Food Carnival s5 e03: Spice it Up Global Style, p2

Follow Katie around the world as she introduces you to exotic spices from around the world, and shows you how to easily add these to your cooking repertoire PART 2
Saffron: most expensive spice in the world. Little goes a long way

Sumac: dried berries of the rhus coriaria. Used as a souring agent. It imparts a sour lemony flavor to fish and red meat or veggies. North Africa, Middle East, and southern Mediterranean

Machalepi also spelled mahleb or mahlebi comes from the pit of the St Lucia cherry. A member of the rosaceae or rose family. Its flavor has a hint of almond with rose and cherry accents
Popular in Greece, middle eastern and Mediterranean cooking. Used in baking

Juniper berries the only spice that comes from conifer (a cone gearing seed plant.). Small juniper shrubs. Used in gin. Picked when they turn blue. Popular in European cuisine. Marinades stuffings brines sauces.

Fennel pollen. Northern Italian adds umami. The pollen from a fennel flower

Seafood paella with saffron aioli, Lemon and parsley garnish
Chicken scallopini with saffron cream
Sweet peas, prosciutto, garlic, olive oil parmesan pasta garnished with grilled radicchio or endive and crispy prosciutto shaved parmesan

Fattoush salad
Sumac baby back ribs (marinate for 24 hours in blood orange, olive oil, honey sumac, garlic and soy sauce.) Then roast in the oven making sure their lacquered. Throw on the grill for a bit if they need color.
Sumac dusted colorful roasted vegetable
Falafel sliders with sumac onions

Fennel Pollen
Fennel pollen pork chops
Octopus with fennel pollen
Fennel pollen roasted fingerlings
Fennel pollen orange pomegranate salad with toasted quinoa

Juniper Berries
Juniper and vodka cured salmon, fennel pollen cream, fennel fronds, pickled fennel bulb
Tuscan wild boar with juniper pappardelle
Vegetable stew with juniper berries

Machalepi and DESSERTS (also spelled mahleb or mahlebi)
Lebanese cookies
Mahleb almond butter cake
Mahleb cheese pies
Mahleb Chocolate cake with macarons
Fennel pollen upside down cake
Juniper lime cake

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