Katie O’s Food Carnival S4 E10 Holiday Gathering Gifts and Bites

What a dilema…What should I bring? What should I give the Host? Katie shares all her secrets to make you the rock star guest at this years holiday gathering

Soups and bites (Roasted tomato soup, Roasted tomato goat cheese scones, Parma frico crisps, Green tomato soup, Cajun remoulade, Mini corn muffins with fresh corn, honey and cheddar, Whipped honey butter). Spiced Nuts and Goodies (Ancho chili and kafir lime cashews, Sweet and spicy macadamia nuts, Cinnamon and sugar toasted pecans, Bloody Mary spiced peanuts, Rosemary smoked almonds, Sesame bacon candy). Stuffed Olives (Blue cheese stuffed, Anchovy stuffed, Pickled garlic stuffed, Sundried tomato stuffed)

Syrups for drinks (rosemary infused simple syrup, Lemon and lavender simple syrup, candied lemon twists, Fresh reduced unsweetened raspberry coulis, Fresh squeezed orange and fresh mango puréed into syrup for drinks). Sweets (Chocolate dipped pretzels with holiday decorations (rods and knots), Jumbo marshmallows chocolate dipped with peppermint, Hot chocolate powder mix, White chocolate full covered dipped graham crackers with red and green chocolate decorations, Oreo cookie balls, Ginger bread cookies, Snicker doodles, Oatmeal cookies with raisins, Oatmeal cookies with white chocolate and cherries , Frosted holiday sugar cookies)

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