Join us for this engaging and informative multi-day event that will introduce you to the benefits of Modern Media and prepare you to engage with your community and the world in ways that you never imagined. You’ll have access to value-packed seminars, panel discussions, and opportunities to speak one-on-one with potential partners who are successful digital marketers and content producers.

Sales is the fuel of your business but as consumer behavior’s change and the digital marketing ecosystem evolves, so must your sales, marketing and advertising strategies. The number of platforms available to you today and those coming on the market every year is staggering and digital media has blown the market place wide open. As a result, about $80 billion dollars are wasted on out-dated media strategies each year. Consumers are engaging with the brands on digital platforms that are available to more people today than those watching TV, listening to the radio or reading newspapers. And if you don’t incorporate new strategies into your business today, you’ll be left behind by your competition.  

e360tv is hosting its inaugural Modern Media Conference 2017 for business owners, entrepreneurs, advertising and marketing professionals and content producers. This is an event where you will discover, learn and meet people who will show and help you get a leg-up on your competition by showing you ways to build content, sell your ideas, and culture engaging connections with your customers.  Already have a ticket and need to book your room?  Click HERE

Register today and we will see you in Los Angeles!

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The Present and Future Trends of Media and How It’s Disrupting Business as Usual.

Marketing Disruption?  Bring It On.  A Three Part Series of What Is Working and What Is Not.

How to Capitalize on Modern Media Trends: How Content is Crucial In Driving Revenue and Long-Term Value.

New Technology Tools to Monetize Content For Business.

The Circle of Compliance to Avoid Marketing Legal Woes.


Concept to Market: How To Create, Fund and Market Engaging Content.

What Is Your Brand?  How Content Can Build Brand Recognition.

Creating Impactful Content and Driving Engagement.

Funding Content: How To Obtain Funding for Content Creation.

Breaking Through the Digital Clutter and Getting An Audience.

What is Modern Media?

New media has shortened the distance among people all over the world through electronic communication. New media refers to those “digital media that are interactive, incorporate two-way communication and involve some sort of computing,” Robert Logan writes in his book Understanding New Media. Another distinction between old media and new media is that old media, for the most part is mass media. However each form of new media can be targeted, highly interactive, and users of new media are active producers of content and information, whether sending an email or using internet-based collaborative tools.

How the evolution of media is changing business today and tomorrow.


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