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3RD COAST INK S1E01 – All In

Third Coast Ink dives into the working life of one of the busiest tattoo shops in the Midwest. Meet the artists and listen to the stories behind these amazing tattoos.

The Ripple Effect Show – Trailer

Just as a single drop of water sends out ripples into a pond,  our thoughts and actions are felt in the universe. Host Melissa Hull features the ripple effects of everyday people on others.

Cindy Uncorked! S2E08 – Managing Politics In The Workplace

Andrea Payne is teaching us about the political games that happen in the workplace. Cindy and Andrea talk about the biggest challenges facing women in the workplace. Andrea offers her thoughts on why women struggle with feeling powerful and knowing when to speak up.

Permanent Comedy – Series Trailer

Follow Comedian Todd Armstrong through Portland, Or as he interviews Comedians, Artists and Friends about the permanent choices we make in comedy and life.