Art of Unity

The Art of Unity – Dill Pickles

Bill shows how to make lacto-fermented dill pickles to create a super healthy probiotic food the old fashioned way (without boiling water or adding vinegar).

The Art of Unity – Control

Bill shares tips from his book, The Power of Personality Types, on how to know if your partner is controlling. His remedy for control: trust forged through vulnerable communication.

The Art of Unity – Abuse and Forgiveness, p1

Bill shares why forgiveness is essential in relationships, the conditions required for forgiveness, and when forgiveness is too much to offer.

The Art of Unity – Abuse and Forgiveness, p2

Bill shares how to make a change in your life, or away from an abusive partner.  Learn your own method of “Escape” – when you are unhappy about something and would like to change but do not.

The Art of Unity – Communication for Couples

Bill offers communication techniques and exercises for couples that enable them to escape the negative effects of unresolved conflict and build a healthy relationship.

The Art of Unity – Collagen

Forget plastic surgery.Use collagen for younger skin. Bill shares the astounding effects of this superfood on physical and mental health, including well being.

The Art of Unity – Coconut

Bill describes and compares the health benefits of three types of fresh coconuts (mature brown, Young Thai and Caribbean). Avoid the bottled liquid form.

The Art of Unity – Coconut Milk & Chips

Bill shows how to make coconut milk and chips. Learn why coconut milk is higher in healthy fats, protein, fiber, and calories and is more like a meal than a drink.

The Art of Unity – Coconut Chi

The Art of Unity with Bill Farr is devoted to uniting body, mind, and spirit, offering information on nutrition, meditation, and self-discovery.
Life often has a bigger and more evolved plan than many people are executing. Happiness, health, security, and abundance should be a part of every life plan and is possible when in good emotional, physical, and spiritual health allowing for the release of struggle and suffering.