e360tv LIVE Affiliate Program

e360tv LIVE Affiliate Program

How The Affiliate Program Works

The e360tv LIVE affiliate program rewards you for referring others that join e360tv LIVE. All direct referrals will be rewarded with a commission for the first month and every month thereafter, for life!  As long as the referred client remains active, you will receive a commission.  Payments are automatic and paid monthly. You will have access to see your results and upcoming payouts with a secure portal for only YOU.  Bonus: If your referral becomes a affiliate also, you will receive a percentage of their referrals revenue for the first month also.  

What Are the Commissions?

There are two ranks of commissions, the basic level and premium. The first level is for the first three referrals with a commission rate of 15% and the second level is for four plus referrals and that commission rates is 20%.  

How Do I Get Paid?

Right now, we are set up to pay you via PayPal. 

Will I Receive Assets To Help Refer Clients?

Absolutely.  Once you have signed up you will see banners and other visuals to post on social accounts, your website or blog.  When someone clicks on that banner, we will track them for 365 days and if they ever buy, you will receive credit.

Do I Have To Enroll in e360tv LIVE to be an Affiliate?

No. Purchase is not required for this affiliate program. But if you do sign up for e360tv LIVE, you are automatically set up as an affiliate.  

Any Catches? What's the Downside?

Our affiliate program is just like e360tv LIVE; simple and transparent.  We appreciate you helping us spread the word and intend to hold up on our end of the deal and pay you for your time and work.  

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up below.  Post on your socials, blogs and website(s) to start getting paid.