All About Manos!

Story about a woman Geraldine Santini who had one date in high school with Vic Manos and the date never ended twenty years later. All roads lead to Vic Manos

Two go in…one comes out. A Socumentary.

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the odd socks? Why is it that you can put a pair of socks into the dryer and only get one back? From the makers of “BTS on the Road” and “Bengleton Socks” Web TV series comes a film to answer these questions.
Follow investigative journalist Corg Pontell as he conducts interviews, chases down leads and may even be in mortal danger to get the answers we’re all looking for. What happened to the socks?

Looking for Andrew – Trailer

A group of childhood friends return home after graduating college to discover that one of their own has mysteriously gone missing. Road trip.

Director: Josh Whittaker

Writer: Josh Whittaker

Stars: Cory KaysJustin RoseJames Rohrbaugh

Campus Angels

A rag tag team of female fashion students rally together to form a campus safety patrol group after one of the girls witnesses another student getting robbed.

Permanent Comedy – Series Trailer

Follow Comedian Todd Armstrong through Portland, Or as he interviews Comedians, Artists and Friends about the permanent choices we make in comedy and life.

Glimpse of Insanity – 360 Studios

Crime thriller set in Brooklyn.


360 Studios Independent Films


Worker Studio Animation – Camping à la Bergman

A love letter to Ingmar Bergman inspired by her film “The Magician.” This video features a man, who much like characters in Bergman’s universe, is as rooted and soiled by reality as he is “lost in the mystery of existential wonder.”