Fresh Take

Cindy Uncorked! s2 e8 – Managing Workplace Politics

Cindy Ashton and guest, Andrea Payne, have a lively discussion on women and politics in the workplace, including the struggle with feeling powerful and knowing when to speak up.

Cindy Uncorked! s2 e6 – Dangers Of Female Power with Lovers

Katy Bray and Zeb Severson share the power of feminine energy/power to attract and draw others into your circle. Learn how an extreme focus on this energy can harm your relationship with a lover and affect his or her future.

Cindy Uncorked! s2 e5 – Open Relationships, Swinging & Polyamory

Cindy and guest, Erin Findley, demystify open relationships, swinging and polyamory. Learn the pitfalls and benefits of managing these complicated relationships.

Cindy Uncorked! s2 e4 – Making Bad Decisions: A Hidden Epidemic

Guest Bruce Fredenberg #GetsUncorked about the motivations behind our bad decisions. Learn to identify the emotional causes and physical symptoms of worry, and how to repair its damage. Stay calm and avoid bad decisions.

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