Sassy B Talk Show/Kaffee Klatsch ep.1
Sassy B Talk Show/Kaffee Klatsch ep.2
Sassy B Talk Show /Kaffee Klatsch ep.3
Sassy B Kaffee Klatsch ep. 4
Sassy B/Kaffee Klatsch ep.5
Trailer for "Dine with the Devil"
Dine with the Devil
Vets in Blue
Two go in...one comes out. A Socumentary.
All About Manos!
Cut & Mix w/ DJ Audioprism: 2018 NSAEN Film Festival Winners
Cut & Mix with Vanessa Hundley feat. The Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre
Teaser Trailer for "Ancient Socks"
Cut & Mix: featuring the 2019 NSAEN Online International Film Festival Full Intro Video
Cut & Mix: Jessica "It's All Good" Williams and the We're All Chocolate campaign
Rita Guida Show- How To Collect A Debt
Rita Guida Show- How to get s BFF
Rita Guida Show- Pilot Episode- Maxium Trunk Capacity
Rita Guida Show- Promo- Rita's Back
Rita Guida- Promo- Needs a little Something...PROMO
Rita Therapy 1
Rita's List
Rita Therapy 2
TSA VS RITA GUIDA Part 1- Part 3
Waiting Room- The SPA
Waiting Room- Fire Alarm
Waiting Room- Therapy
Waiting Room - The Injury
Waiting Room- Subway Follies

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