Sassy B Kaffee Klatsch ep. 4

Sassy B Kaffee Klatsch ep. 4

Duration 30m

Sassy B/Kaffee Klatsch "It’s not a talk show it's a Kaffee Klatsch!" Funny, irreverent, and unapologetic, Kaffee Klatsch showcases a unique group of friends of various ages, diverse backgrounds and nationalities, who meet frequently to passionately discuss world and local news, politics, celebrity gossip, sex. love, relationships and more sex! We also jump into topics most would consider taboo or politically incorrect! We take jabs at everything, and at ourselves. Whatever the topic of conversation, opinions are honest, never rehearsed, at times hilarious and never filtered. We exhibit a spontaneous, rebel-like spirit that sets us apart from our competitors. Talk about a caffeine-fueled, frolicking good time!! You are invited to join our Kaffee Klatsch group, by connecting through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You are more than welcome to suggest topics for future segments. You can also meet with your favorite host in person and ask questions. We are much more than just a talk show, Kaffee Klatsch invites you to "pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and join in!"

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