Katie O’s Food Carnival

Katie O’s Food Carnival s5 e3 – Spice it Up Global, p2

Follow Katie around the world as she introduces you to exotic spices from around the world, and shows you how to easily add these to your cooking repertoire PART 2
Saffron: most expensive spice in the world. Little goes a long way

Sumac: dried berries of the rhus coriaria. Used as a souring agent. It imparts a sour lemony flavor to fish and red meat or veggies. North Africa, Middle East, and southern Mediterranean

Machalepi also spelled mahleb or mahlebi comes from the pit of the St Lucia cherry. A member of the rosaceae or rose family. Its flavor has a hint of almond with rose and cherry accents
Popular in Greece, middle eastern and Mediterranean cooking. Used in baking

Juniper berries the only spice that comes from conifer (a cone gearing seed plant.). Small juniper shrubs. Used in gin. Picked when they turn blue. Popular in European cuisine. Marinades stuffings brines sauces.

Fennel pollen. Northern Italian adds umami. The pollen from a fennel flower

Seafood paella with saffron aioli, Lemon and parsley garnish
Chicken scallopini with saffron cream
Sweet peas, prosciutto, garlic, olive oil parmesan pasta garnished with grilled radicchio or endive and crispy prosciutto shaved parmesan

Fattoush salad
Sumac baby back ribs (marinate for 24 hours in blood orange, olive oil, honey sumac, garlic and soy sauce.) Then roast in the oven making sure their lacquered. Throw on the grill for a bit if they need color.
Sumac dusted colorful roasted vegetable
Falafel sliders with sumac onions

Fennel Pollen
Fennel pollen pork chops
Octopus with fennel pollen
Fennel pollen roasted fingerlings
Fennel pollen orange pomegranate salad with toasted quinoa

Juniper Berries
Juniper and vodka cured salmon, fennel pollen cream, fennel fronds, pickled fennel bulb
Tuscan wild boar with juniper pappardelle
Vegetable stew with juniper berries

Machalepi and DESSERTS (also spelled mahleb or mahlebi)
Lebanese cookies
Mahleb almond butter cake
Mahleb cheese pies
Mahleb Chocolate cake with macarons
Fennel pollen upside down cake
Juniper lime cake

Katie O’s Food Carnival s5 e2 – Spice it Up Global, p1

Follow Katie around the world as she introduces you to exotic spices from around the world, and shows you how to easily add these to your cooking repertoire PART 1

Nigella seeds. Fennel flower pungent slightly bitter hint of sweetness. Commonly used in Bengali cooking
Lamb ribs with nigella and cumin
Nigella seed and squash soup
Nigella Turkish pastries
Nigella paneer jalfrezi with buttery rice
Pear and berry crumble with nigella seeds

Kala jeera known ask black cumin popular in northern Indian cuisine to flavor rice and meat dishes. Rich nutty flavor slightly grassy. Seeds have sharp bitter odor.
Kala jeera chicken briyani
Aloo gobi mutter (Cauliflower with kala jeera)
Bengali red lentil risotto
Mughlai karahi gosht (lamb curry with kala jeera)
Kala jeera biscuits with chai tea
Indian beverage with kala jeera

Amchur powder made from unripe mangoes that have been sliced, sundried then ground into powder. This is used as a souring agent in North Indian cooking
Amchur dusted Trout and green mango salad
Chana masala sweet potato with cucumber mint riata and cilantro garnish
Chana masala chick peas stuffed in sweet potato
South Indian Amchoor rice
Best ever Indian potatoes with amchur

Ajwain also known as await caraway, carom, or bishops weed. Similar flavor to thyme or caraway only stronger. Used in small quantities after it has been dry roasted or fried in ghee. Used in Indians and Pakistani cuisine
Ajwain seed and carrot soup
Chicken xacuti
Stir fried spicy prawns with garlic chili and lemon
Mushroom tikka with Ajwain
Naan bread

Anardana dried seed of pomegranate. Sour slightly fruity. Seasons fish or marinade for meat. Common ingredient in chutney
Sindhi koki also has aradana
Aradana Chutney with pakora.
Aradana bhindi ingredients to demo
Maunika gowardhan Parathas, red onion and chillies
Grilled and fresh fruit with aradana
Raita, Indian pickles, chutneys are welcome

Katie O’s Food Carnival s5 e1 – Bacon Bites

Katie O’s Food Carnival breaks the mold of traditional food shows found on The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, or Bravo. Not only does she prepare food and share culinary tips, but Katie offers insightful, inquisitive, provocative, and often hilarious, insights into people and their experiences and relationships with food. Her diverse and entertaining mix of guests also guarantee a show designed to connect with everyone –not just foodies!

In this episode, Everything Bacon Bites, Katie shares the joy of bacon: its sizzle, tingle, intoxicating aroma, and delightful texture. Watch as Katie demonstrates new ways to prepare bacon that extend far beyond its use as a breakfast staple or item in a BLT. Bacon bites can be a key ingredient in fine dining and gourmet cuisine.

Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e15 – Happiness and Good Health, p5

Did you make a New Years resolution to eat right? Never stick to your guns? Katie has a fun way to eat your way through the colors of the rainbow with healthy tips and incredible flavors. So much fun you will stick to it this time!! This week eat PURPLE.

Snacks (Beet chips, purple potato and purple sweet potato chips, caramelized onion and shallot dip, Acai bowl: Acai concentrate, blue berries, bananas, coconut shavings, granola, yogurt. Poached pear with gorgonzola, candied beets and walnuts. Poached pear with gorgonzola, red cabbage, ragu and pecans)

Hors D’oeuvres (Beet and goat cheese terrine with arugula and balsamic reduction, Purple endive with shrimp and dill salad, Purple potatoes slices with lemon crème fraiche, smoked salmon, fresh dill and caviar, Purple potato crisp with tenderloin sautéed peppers and horseradish cream. Duck spring roll with painted purple cabbage)

Entrees (Arctic Char with braised red cabbage, Purple rice with sautéed mushrooms, Caramelized crispy purple cauliflower and Brussel sprouts, Plum crusted and glazed roasted chicken, Catalan spinach with golden raisins, garlic, and pine nuts, Purple potato creamy mash with crispy potato chip, Eggplant stuffed with moussaka)

Greek rice stuffed red cabbage rolls with Greek tomato sauce, Braised beef Bourguignon, Cheesy polenta, Braised baby beets and colorful carrots

Dessert (Rustic blueberry pie, Blueberry cream cheese cookies with lemon icing drizzle, Blackberry and blueberry cup cakes with berry buttercream frosting and sugared blackberry
Pan a cotta with roasted grapes)

Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e14 – Happiness and Health, p4

Did you make a New Years resolution to eat right? Never stick to your guns? Katie has a fun way to eat your way through the colors of the rainbow with healthy tips and incredible flavors. So much fun you will stick to it this time!! This week eat GREEN

Soups and salads, Seaweed miso soup, Venetian cichetti with Brussel slaw, Raw mushroom, flat leaf parsley, Gran Padano cheese, lemon, olive, fresh herb vinaigrette, Italian green olive and celery salad)

Entrees (Veal Milanese with green gremolata demo gremolata, Sautéed fresh artichokes with garlic lemon and parsley , Ravioli with green basil pesto and parmesan cheese, Grilled Mattar paneer with Grilled naan bread, Potato and pea traditional somosas with cilantro chutney, Mahi in pepito cream sauce with Green rice and Cactus salad, Enchiladas suize salsa verde green cilantro garnish, Jalapeño popper stuffed zucchini, Mexican fresh slaw, Flat iron with lime chimichurri, Courgette, pea, mint and feta fritters with avocado salsa, lime cilantro cream, Grilled green onions)

Desserts (Cannoli with green pistachios, Green lime jello with green grapes and kiwis, Green velvet four layer cake with frosting, Pistachio green cookies with white chocolate and macadamia nuts)

Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e13 – Happiness and Health, p3

Did you make a New Years resolution to eat right? Never stick to your guns? Katie has a fun way to eat your way through the colors of the rainbow with healthy tips and incredible flavors. So much fun you will stick to it this time!! This week eat YELLOW

Snacks (Yellow tomatoes, Yellow pepper strips, yellow potato chips, Artichoke garlic lemon parmesan dip Yellow apples, yellow pickled turnips
Grilled pineapple chunks, banana chips, plain and spiced fried chickpeas

Soups (Turkey chili with white beans, yellow peppers, yellow tomatoes, Butternut squash and paneer soup with turmeric croutons

Lighter meals and snacks (Roasted garlic in bulb parmesan on the side, Vegan eggless lobster roll, Deviled eggs traditional yellow garnish, Yellow tail snapper sushi roll sashimi pieces

Vegetables/starches (Mexican grilled corn cut off cob, mixed with chipotle sour cream,, cilantro, lime juice, queso fresco, cotija cheese, kafir lime powder, Baked Yellow summer squash and parmesan rounds , Grilled yellow squash and yellow pepper batons , Oven roasted parsnips with olive oil garlic and herbs, Cauliflower mac and cheese baked in ramekins
Sun chokes and potatoes sautéed, Yellow rice, Grilled seasoned yellow onions)

Proteins (Mixed seafood grill, Parmesan crusted pork chops, Chicken de Provence with fresh herbs grilled lemon and lemon sauces)

Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e12 – Eat Happiness and Health, p2

Did you make a New Years resolution to eat right? Never stick to your guns? Katie has a fun way to eat your way through the colors of the rainbow with healthy tips and incredible flavors. So much fun you will stick to it this time!! This week eat ORANGE

Snacks (Pickled carrots, Crisp fresh carrot sticks with sundried tomato and goat cheese dip, Shredded carrot and golden raisin salad)

Hors D’Oeuvres (Turmeric glazed somosas with mango chutney and green chutney, Caramelized persimmon and Brie crostini, Butternut squash and acorn squash five spiced ribs ingredients to demo, Moroccan salmon with citrus cream ingredients to demo, Zima tomato gazpacho enough for six ingredients to show)

Entrees (Orange chicken fried rice teriyaki orange cauliflower cilantro and scallion garnish, Osso bucco with Saffron risotto and braised carrots, Boulabaisse with seafood and saffron broth, Halibut or cod or grouper parmesan macadamia orange crust with citrus buerre blanc and butternut squash spaghetti, Apricot glazed Cornish hen with apricot hazelnut five grain rice, Farfalle with roasted pumpkin, chicken sausage and spinach cream sauce)

Sides (Sweet potato gratin, Burst Zima orange tomatoes, Roasted orange peppers)

Desserts (Peach cobbler, Grilled cantaloupe , Orange cake with fresh orange butter and powder sugar frosting, Apricot yogurt granola pie, White chocolate mousse citrus parfait )

Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e11 – Eat Happiness and Health, p1

Did you make a New Years resolution to eat right? Never stick to your guns? Katie has a fun way to eat your way through the colors of the rainbow with healthy tips and incredible flavors. So much fun you will stick to it this time!! This week eat RED

Hors D’oeuvres (Stuffed cherry tomatoes olive oil and fresh herb marinated fresh mozzarella basil leaf and colorful matchstick veggies, Goat cheese stuffed strawberry chicken skewers
Tomato cheese cauliflower parmesan crust flatbread pizza, Duck confit with fresh cherry relish, port wine reduction on brioche toast, Big eye tuna poke with avocado, red caviar, and a red beet wonton cup)

Entrees (Stuffed red peppers with rice and Italian turkey with roasted tomato sauce, Presidential club chicken, lacquered in sliced roasted tomatoes, lemon parmesan rind broth reduction with fresh herbs, Red kidney bean minestrone soup, Moroccan lamb and beef Kefta on fragrant pomegranate rice with Moroccan yogurt sauce, Thin sliced roasted pork fresh raspberry vinaigrette with green pimento stuffed Spanish olives, Beef Tenderloin with red wine reduction

Sides (Slivered radish salad flavorful vinaigrette dressing, Green beans with tomato garlic onions, Watermelon strawberry arugula salad with cherry balsamic dressing, Green salad with sundried tomato and goat cheese vinaigrette, Couscous with dried cherries, almonds, dried cranberries, in vinaigrette, Red potatoes skin on mashed with lots of butter and cream

Desserts (Strawberry cupcakes with powder sugar butter frosting, Watermelon skewers, Raspberry tarts, Cranberry Apple Moist cake with red raspberry icing, White chocolate mousse with cherry coulis).

Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e10 – Holiday Gifts and Bites

What a dilema…What should I bring? What should I give the Host? Katie shares all her secrets to make you the rock star guest at this years holiday gathering

Soups and bites (Roasted tomato soup, Roasted tomato goat cheese scones, Parma frico crisps, Green tomato soup, Cajun remoulade, Mini corn muffins with fresh corn, honey and cheddar, Whipped honey butter). Spiced Nuts and Goodies (Ancho chili and kafir lime cashews, Sweet and spicy macadamia nuts, Cinnamon and sugar toasted pecans, Bloody Mary spiced peanuts, Rosemary smoked almonds, Sesame bacon candy). Stuffed Olives (Blue cheese stuffed, Anchovy stuffed, Pickled garlic stuffed, Sundried tomato stuffed)

Syrups for drinks (rosemary infused simple syrup, Lemon and lavender simple syrup, candied lemon twists, Fresh reduced unsweetened raspberry coulis, Fresh squeezed orange and fresh mango puréed into syrup for drinks). Sweets (Chocolate dipped pretzels with holiday decorations (rods and knots), Jumbo marshmallows chocolate dipped with peppermint, Hot chocolate powder mix, White chocolate full covered dipped graham crackers with red and green chocolate decorations, Oreo cookie balls, Ginger bread cookies, Snicker doodles, Oatmeal cookies with raisins, Oatmeal cookies with white chocolate and cherries , Frosted holiday sugar cookies)

What to bring to a party

Drinks (KATIE’s special recipe infused water, Grilled Florida sweet shrimp presented like Bloody Mary shrimp cocktail in shot glass celery garnish like the Bloody Mary
Full Bottle of vodka kettle one or absolute

Hors d’oeuvres bite sized wraps. (Turkey club with tarragon mayonnaise, London broil arugula tomato tossed in lemon garlic herb olive oil parmesan cheese lemon mayonnaise with a hint of truffle oil and cracked black pepper, Beets and goat cheese with balsamic drizzle )

Salads in 9oz tumblers (Salad de Provence , Chopped Greek salad)

Easy to serve (Spanakopita with tzatziki Green Harissa and Red Harissa, Taramosalate with sesame crusted sliced bread, Lemon and fresh dill, Baked goat cheese with rustic tomato sauce and basil, Grilled garlic bread, Pigs in a Blanket good fortune circle with rosemary garnish, Pull apart cheese prosperity tree

Pickled vegies (Asparagus, Colorful carrots, Mushrooms, Sweet cherry peppers, Green beans)

Katie O’s Food Carnival s4 e9 – Retro Holiday Bites, p2

Go back in time to your Grandma’s Christmas, and bring those dishes to the new Millennium PART 2

Oysters Rockefeller (Scallops au gratin on half shells).

Wedge salad. (Cobb salad and Waldorf salad)

Steak Diane (Sautéed potatoes with fresh herbs, Lobster (seafood) Newburgh in puff pastry, Chicken a la king with egg noodles)

Honey ginger glazed carrots (Creamed onions and Buttered peas)

Coconut mini cakes (Cherry angel food cake with cherry frosting, Lemon chiffon pie, Pineapple upside down cake, Glazed baked apples with cinnamon sugar and raisins, and Frosted Christmas cookies – fun and funny).

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