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Gary Free’s Ford Racing Team at the WERCS Enduro
Global Time Attack – Pure Tuning With Driver Tony Calabrese
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Nissan R35 GTR vs Norma Prototype M20F – From Race Sonoma
Pay It Forward-Charity Laps with – Kyle Schick-Josh Lloyd Media
Super Lap Battle-Cole Powelson Interview-Josh Lloyd Media
The First Annual Crown Jewel Invitational-Josh Lloyd Media
The Tony Calebrese Pure Tuning HOTLAP1-Josh Lloyd Media
Vincent Meyer Racing-New Exhaust-Josh Lloyd Media
Vincent Meyer and the Subaru WRX-STI-Josh Lloyd Media
Aerial Top Sail Flight
CHB-Wingsuiting over Hawaii-Josh Lloyd Media
WINGSUIT Showcase- Clayton Hoyt Butler
Epic 39 – Allan Stott (2-0-0-0) vs. Bryan Bahena (Debut)
Epic 39 – Justin Stevens (Debut) vs. Matthew Shattle (1-2-0-0)
Epic 39 – Omid Zeighami (Debut) vs. Gokhan Cicekliyar (1-0-0-0)
Epic 39 – Welterweight (170 lbs) – Frank Resultay (Debut) vs. Adrian Ochoa (1-1-0-0)
Epic 39 – Welterweight (170 lbs) – Ray Orsborn (1-0-0-0) vs. Kenneth Stone (Debut)
Epic Fighting – Aissamme Alviso vs Steven Schreel
Epic Fighting – Laura Anderson vs Maria Jose Favela