True Sk8board Mag Live Show, ep1-Special Guests Omar Hassan and Musical Performance by Dead Poets
True Sk8board Mag Live Show, ep2-Special Guests Marcelle Johnson and Musical Performance by The Fountain of Youth
True Sk8board Mag Live Show, ep3-Special Guests Shuriken Shannon and Musical Performance by Stokka
True Sk8board Mag Live Show, ep4-Special Guests Skatejuice and Musical Performance by Hippy Goods
True Sk8board Mag Live Show, ep5-Special Guests Charlei Blair and Musical Performance by Wet Wood Smokes
True Sk8board Mag Live Show, ep6-Special Guest Not Us
True Sk8board Mag Live Show, ep7-Special Guests Crap Krew and Musical Performance by Sam & The Band
True Sk8board Mag Live Show, ep8-Special Guest Jeremy Robinson and Musical Performance by The Night Howls
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